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Green Gone, Put the Jersey On!

Yes, we added green!
You did? I missed it! What? Where?
It’s hidden on shorts.

(That’s my haiku. Now to explain it!)

The Minnesota Timberwolves, I mean Minnesota Wolves, confound me. There’s a HUGE announcement that neon green is in the mix! The Wolves are re-adding green to their palate! It’s the north star and eye in the logo. Now, let’s see how it shows on the jerseys!

Why the exclamation point? Well, this is the same organization that had green in the logo, but that same green was hard to find on jerseys. In fact try to find it on the old jerseys. Can you find a spot of green?

Yes, green was gone! You can’t even find it on the alternate logo. The trees stayed on the shorts and in the armpits, but the green was gone.

With two jerseys unveiled, the Wolves have started the NEW era with no green. The tease of THREADS being green makes it almost hilarious.

Here’s the NEW look:
(Images courtesy

It’s definitely a new look. What’s new is a the two-tones of blue. I like it! (Yes, I know it’s Memphis-like.) I would love some green trim or outline, but c’est la vie. #NikeNotWorriedAboutMe

I’m certain a green jersey is coming (two are left to unveil), but why no green appears yet is a mystery to me. Minnesota seems to have stolen the Mavericks’ color scheme (see the Dallas Mavericks NBA jersey store) and that’s not really “new.” The stripe is also not new. The stripe feels Washington Bullets inspired or soccer-like.

For now, the green is gone, but I’d bet it will shine brightly soon. Until then, I’ll remain hopeful a nice green addition is coming soon.

What’s your take?


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Jerry Jones – Hall of Fame the Hard Way

Buyer, Destroyer
He trades away the franchise
And wins; wins it all!

Jerry wrecked my world. He sacked the beloved Tom Landry. Then, he traded away a man who gained 2,000 yards with little support. Are you kidding me? I thought that he just handed Minnesota Herschel Walker and the Super Bowl.
(An as aside, I’ll add that Minnesota didn’t really use Herschel as I thought
they would. Oddly enough, it didn’t translate into a long playoff run.
To those who talk about how the trade equaled a Super Bowl for Dallas, look
at the guys drafted. That is NOT easy! Each draft pick is a gamble. I’m pretty sure no other team can equal that drafting excellence.)

The ‘Boys dropped 15 games (getting worse!) and the shining star of the year was a single win at Washington #WinTheRivalry. It looked like tanking before tanking  was a ‘thing’ and it was bad. The winning Cowboys were gone.

Looking back, it’s clear it was time for a change, but I was floored while it happened. Jerry drilled a new hole. Once he & Coach Jimmy got it going, it was going well.

Jerry took risks off the field, too. I heard he was causing league trouble with sponsorships. He did his thing even though there were league-wide sponsors. He believed he could and should sell his team. He did!

I didn’t mind that at all. He was selling a team he bought. He put everything into the Cowboys and wanted to pursue everything in return. I enjoyed that.

After winning it all (and all again the next year), it was too much. The core imploded and Coach Johnson was gone. That was hard to take.

Let’s fast forward to now. Jerry Jones has learned and grown. And lately, it’s working. Dallas hasn’t won, but they are on the edge. Winning it all is not easy and no small accomplishment. Being close is amazing. I am happy he has – let’s say – calibrated into how he does it today.

Looking over it all, I have to say congratulations. Jerry, you’ve earned that gold jacket. Enjoy it!

PS If you don’t believe my assessment of Herschel Walker, check out 34’s stats at

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Call Me Maybe?

You have beef with me?
I have love and thankfulness
Here’s my number. Call!

What a character! When asked about the negativity coming up after leaving Chicago, Jimmy Butler put it all to rest in the best way possible.

With a smile and attitude that is refreshing, Jimmy made it simple. He said he has nothing but love for his Chicago team and nothing but love for Chicago the city. Coming from a small town in Texas in the greater Houston area (Tomball has a population of 10,753), Jimmy seemed humbled by what his hard work has made possible.

And he closed with a new moment in professional sports. He told everyone listening (and all those who will re-live it later) that he has his phone in his back pocket and if you want to talk to him, call him at 773 899…

I couldn’t believe it. What did he just do?

The answer is clear. He shined! Brilliant like his play on the court.

What do you make of his move? Like the Wolves & Bulls trade? It could work out for both teams over time. Do you agree?

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A Change for New…Wasted – Name

A chance to build a
Community, a Family
Instead, a Repeat

Oh man. I really thought the Minnesota Timberwolves could have some fun with buying a minor league (G-League) team when they bought the Iowa Energy. The Energy are familiar with change. They just changed their color scheme from purple and orange to light blue, dark, blue, and yellow when Memphis purchased the club last year.

So Des Moines, trade your yellow for neon green. Keep the blues while you “#BackThePack.”

Speaking of “Pack”, I was really hoping the Timberwolves wouldn’t duplicate their names with their minor league team. Other NBA teams have done it and I think it’s a wasted opportunity. Why double-up on the name? The Windy City Bulls? Lame. South Bay Lakers? Really? I’m sure someone will argue it’s marketing, but why not have names related, not duplicated? Have some fun!

So as the new name was about to be dropped, I really didn’t want the Iowa Timberwolves. I really hoped for the Iowa Pack or Iowa Wolfpack. It’s related, not duplicated.

The coolest part of the minor leagues of baseball is the fun names, the fun logos. Some teams have variant logos. The Cardinals are pretty good at that with the Redbirds. Great idea.

How fun is Albuquerque’s team? The Isotopes? Fun. The Albuquerque Rockies? Not-so-fun.

I heard someone joke about the Iowa Timberpups. At first, it might be funny, but I think over time it could gain traction. After all, Chicago has Bears and Cubs, right? I heard the Cubs grew up last year. Maybe Timberpups or just Pups could work.

But probably not. So Pack was my choice.

I’m a big fan of the WNBA. When the W was formed, the coolest thing about the NBA affiliation was the names and logos. Though Minnesota joined the W later, the Lynx are a perfect compliment to Timberwolves. Strong mascots and both Minnesota animals.

The other W nicknames were fun, too. Look at these sister/brother names: Charlotte Sting/Hornets, Houston Comets/Rockets, Phoenix Mercury/Suns, Sacramento Monarchs/Kings, and Utah Starzz/Jazz (yes, the cute ZZ might’ve been too much).

Three original teams strayed. For Cleveland and New York, the Cavaliers and Knickerbockers were tough to match so we got Rockers and Liberty. Both tributes to the cities they play in. Los Angeles brought us Sparks which makes as much sense as Lakers. At least the logos had good symmetry. (Logos from
LosAngelesBasketball-logosThe related names are fun. Timberwolves to Wolves doesn’t rank as fun for me. Sorry, Minnesota, you missed a chance.

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A Change for New…Wasted – Color

There was a chance to
Make Fans Happy, But No Luck
Say No to Neon

The Timberwolves have a new logo, new minor league team, and lots of new opportunity. With so much promise, it makes me a little sad to see the chance go by.

Let’s talk color.

For the logo, a new color was added and it’s neon green. Watch out, Seattle, Minnesota also wants neon green to compliment their blue. My take is it is chasing a trend. I don’t get it. The polls showed fans wanted retro and they sort of got it. Green is back, but it’s really back to the neon green future.

Before I say more, kudos to the Timberwolves for staying with blue and green over the years. At least the ‘Wolves have a color scheme. Think about the Milwaukee Bucks and their color wheel (image from Sporting News via Google search):

Yep, the Bucks went for purple, then red, and now cream. Quite the variety.

For the Wolves, I get building a new identity, based on the past. But in today’s sports world, what is your identity with throwback nights, Sunday-only alternate jerseys, and lately pinkouts for Mom, powder blue for men supporting prostrate cancer, and camo-night for the military?

In fact, this weekend, Major League Baseball went green, olive green. For Memorial Day, teams wore green hats had camo brims and the jerseys with muted olive green jerseys. I thought it was pretty cool, but clearly it’s also perceived as a monetary maneuver.


If other leagues follow suit, you, too, can support any cause they choose to get your Wolves swag. Yes, the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Iowa Wolves share a color scheme, but if you’re not into the neon green, just wait and buy your alternate jersey of choice. Don’t worry. It’ll happen.

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New Era? Maybe Makeover

New era? Maybe

Really mirror makeover!

Flip it and neon

When the Minnesota Timberwolves announced a new era, a new look. It had a hashtag of #NewEraNewLook and a design company with intriguing name – Rare Design.

The question was how new was new going to be? I’m not so sure new and rare are words I’d use to describe a new look.

When the Minnesota Timberwolves purchased the Iowa Energy, it wasn’t long before they, too, would get a new name & logo.

New? True! New name…kinda. The timber is gone down south, but the North Star remains. The new G-League team is the Iowa Wolves.

The logo is also Timberwolves-esque. If you know Old Shep, the original Minnesota Timberwolves logo, you’ll recognize the makeover version. Was this a rejected new logo design by the Target Center tenant?

I gotta wonder. The retro revival continues. Is this a new era? Maybe better called a makeover.

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London Home Game


Well, this Sunday before many are awake the Rams will kick off versus the New York Giants. This is LA’s “home” game in London.

Home away from home
Opportunity to grow
Now it’s time to shine

The Rams have been bad #HomeOpener and good #CardinalsVictory. Their record of 3-3 could be good and bad news depending on your expectations. Most of the Rams’ opponents have also have mixed seasons with good and bad losses. It’s really hard to know what the Rams are capable of doing this season. Can they contend for a wild card?

But all that is moot in London. The point of the NFL playing in Europe is to grow the game. If the bad Rams show up, it won’t help in London or at ‘home’ in LA.

The NFL hasn’t given their best games to the world. The best matchup is saved for late Sunday or Sunday night. I’ve wondered about that. Why give the world a mediocre matchup. Should “meh” be what Europe says? Seriously Rams vs Giants? Who’s excited?

Back “home” it’s not great either. The game kicks off at 6:30 AM local time. By brunch, the game is most likely over. Will fans miss anything?

If the good Rams show up, London gets the show they deserve. These fans are paying good money to the see the NFL and I hope they get it.

Time to shine, Rams!