In the NFL, 2-1 Means Nothing, 0-3 Blues

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It’s so early … why?
Why dwell on 1 game. Many
are left to be played

On the NFL’s opening weekend, there were some questions. When Miami beat New England, did that show a change in power? When the Titans beat KC in KC, was another shift occurring?

Not so fast. It was week 1.

So after 2 more weeks, things have changed. The Dolphins and Titans haven’t won since while the Patriots haven’t lost and Chiefs have won & lost. After 3 weeks, 3 teams are undefeated. Those 3 teams were playoff teams last year so there’s no surprises (but it’s early).

13 teams are 2-1 or 1-2 (26/32). It’s too early to know anything except it’s pretty clear that 3 teams who are 0-3 are definitely not good teams. Oakland continues to look somehow cursed (was their misfortunately somehow linked to the Pirates of the Caribbean movies? It’s been a while). Jacksonville looked like a shocking team at halftime of week 1 up 17 to zero on Philadelphia, but has really fallen since then. And finally, Tampa Bay was marauded on Thursday Night football.

So early in the season, we know being 3-0 means you’re still pretty good and 0-3 means you’re bad. As for the other 26 teams, it’s too early.

Week 4 is the beginning of bye weeks so the questions will linger longer for some than others.

It’s early, but still very very fun to watch!


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