Nothing “Uniform” About It! Guess the Tiger and Dress a Duck

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Which shirt, pants, and lid?
How many combinations?
It’s cool but crazy

What will the Tigers Wear? Wanna dress a Duck? Uniform options are crazy, but cool.

Before I go too far, I have to point out the irony that we call these outfits “uniforms.” It’s quite contrary because uniform is defined as “an identifying outfit or style of dress worn by the members of a given profession, organization, or rank.” Uniform is even a synonym for a standard.

There’s nothing standard about what the Missouri Tigers (Mizzou) and Oregon Ducks are wearing on the field. They have many, many options. And though they will all match that gameday, there’s nothing uniform about their outfits week to week.

It’s very cool, but also very crazy. Remember “home” and “away” jerseys? Relics! Today teams have multiple helmets! It’s a new world.

And new can be fun. It’s now a game you can play. What uniform combination will Mizzou or Oregon be wearing?
You can guess and win prizes! The Tigers have a webpage that relishes a new combination being debuted this weekend:

So how many combinations are there? I’m not sure about today, but in 2013, Mizzou had 48* different uniform combinations. Yes, 48! And that was with only three helmets, four jerseys and four pants. With 4 helmets in 2014, 48 is “so last year.”

But that’s NOTHING! When Oregon started this craze in 2009, they launched with 5 helmets and 80 combinations (!

Being close to Nike World Headquarters, the Oregon Ducks started this fun and obviously, fans responded. Heck in last year’s Hawaii bowl, rival Oregon State took a page from the Ducks’ playbook and debuted a new jersey combination in the bowl game. #AhhhhMarketingWins

If you’re interested in the various combinations, you can have fun with it, too. The Oregonian newspaper has a website where you can try to create an option Oregon hasn’t worn! It’s a great mini-site by the @Oregonian #DucksUnis

Visit the site & give it a try: #UniformBuffet

I was somehow able to put together a unique combination not yet worn (that could change next Thursday!).

With options comes the “worst-dressed list” and website has a Worst 5 combinations list (

It’s mind-boggling to see this happening, but I gotta admit it sure is fun, too. What do you think of these many options?
*Source (


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