Rams Have Me Torn (Rams Move, Part 2)

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I’m torn. A team I love has now dumped two cities.

I’m torn. Dumped for cash.
No concern for fans.  Screw them!
I guess more will come?

I wish a team I didn’t follow did this. I want some mean jerk team to screw their fans. I want another team to dump their city and walk away from a city trying. I don’t want my Rams doing this….and I really don’t want them to do it…again.

I was sad for LA and now I’m sad for Saint Louis #Sad4STL.

Both cities have a lot in common. STL and LA are tied for the city in the modern era to lose NFL teams at two. Oddly enough, they both lost losers. And now both cities know what it’s like to gain and lose the Rams. On top of that, neither city deserved it and fans in those cities were screwed.

For history, I’m old enough to have grown up an LA Rams fan. I was shocked when they moved. My team wasn’t a money-grubbing, fans-don’t-matter, city-dumping team. Oh? I guess they are.

I’m truly torn because Saint Louis doesn’t deserve this. I love Saint Louis. I want STL to replicate what’s happening in Indy. I want another midwest city that has amazing sites and architecture to be a destination and host an NFL team and convention center.

How the Rams left this year wasn’t really right. Saint Louis was trying, but it was certainly clear that it wasn’t working and it wasn’t a collaboration.

The stadium proposed didn’t inspire me. In fact, the stadium scared me as I didn’t want the Rams to move.

As an adult, I get it. I understand the money. I understand the allure of a mega-stadium and the money and opportunities it brings. As a fan, I hate it. As a fan, I want that for my team. Yep, I’m torn.

I know a lot of LA Rams fans who are also Saint Louis Rams fans. I know fans who follow the Rams from the West Coast. I must admit I’m happy for them. I’m happy for the “Ramily” who followed the horns from two time zones away. They are getting back what they lost more than twenty years ago #RoadRamsGeneration.


Epilogue: The clock starts ticking on the owner and his legacy. Thus far, it’s not impressive and the move gives him a two-year pass. After that, let’s see what he’s built.


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