No Surprise! Now It’s Your Move, Stan (Rams Move, Part 3)

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No, I’m not surprised. My friends contacted me with “breaking
news” that I had expected for months. The Rams were now the LA
Rams again.

That was not news. What happens next, just might be.

(The haiku)
Now it’s your move, Stan!
Your plan has worked. Years pay off.
Time to fill the stage.
The move to LA was not breaking news. Being a Rams fan who chats
and emails other Rams fans daily, it’s rare for anyone to beat
myself and my Rams buddies to the punch.

So the “news” wasn’t news at all. What was news was the vote. 30-
2? Wow! I had expected 25 or 26 yes votes. I NEVER expected 30.
That’s unbelievable and that truly points to how hopeless Saint
Louis’ attempt at keeping the Rams was.

But what happens next could be news to me. Here’s what I think
will happen.

1. Fisher will be kept as the Manager to handle the transition
to LA. That was probably the plan years ago.

2. The LA situation will be fun and new. Fans will go to check
out the “new” team and be part of the novelty of LA football.

3. The team will not see much change. We will pursue an okay
quarterback and will not grab someone completely amazing. More
than likely, there’s no free agent spree until 2017.

4. The Rams glide until the new stadium happens. They will enjoy
being the “shiny new toy” in California.

If anything else happens, I will be happily surprised. The
pressure to win in LA will come, but I fear that it will take
some time.

The Stan the Ram now has his chance to create a legacy. Moving
the team is a short-lived achievement in the eyes of the
destination city. In the departing city, his “home” statue, his
legacy is made. What he means to LA will depend on what he can
accomplish as an owner. Can he build something other than a
building? That will matter. Stan, you can build the stage, but
can you put a good show on it? That’s the true test.

Stan, it’s your move!


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