Appreciate Kurt Warner Because of the Doughnut

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A Hall of Fame career can be defined in many ways. Including a doughnut to me shows worthiness and does not invalidate a career.

From nowhere twice? Wow!
Not one, but three Super Bowls!
You can dismiss that?

I heard Peter King on the radio this morning. He said they are not allowed to speak to particulars, but was able to say that the “doughnut” in Kurt Warner’s career is why he was not voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2016.

In my view, his return to the third Super Bowl shows greatness and this is a reason to say he does deserve to be there.
It’s classic fun to say “from Supermarket to Super Bowl”, but seriously, Kurt Warner’s career spanned years. He led the Rams back to the Super Bowl in 2001. What happened next is a mystery to me, but it meant that Kurt had to start over. He did and he led Arizona to the Super Bowl after the 2008 season.
Obviously, something was wrong, but does that mean he isn’t worthy of being in the pro football storybook? Perhaps that mystery will be told, but even chalking it up to some injury and denial, is Kurt’s story not a Hall of Fame story? Obviously, the voters disagree, but I think they should seriously ponder the question.
Maybe next year, we can dismiss the idea of voting no.
(Full Disclosure/Coming Clean: Yes, I’m a Rams fan and I’m a little smitten by the Kurt Warner story. To be honest, I was ready for Kurt to go when he struggled because I knew something was wrong, and saw nothing but denial. Kurt’s return to the Super Bowl impressed me almost as much as the first time because of how unlikely it was. It showed me he was an amazing football player. Amazing players are worthy of the Hall of Fame.)

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