Is KG Quietly Gone?

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He’s known for his mouth
“Anything is Possible”
Now Quiet Goodbye

He’s a catchphrase, but not a cliché. He’s the hard-working player who talks a lot on the court, but doesn’t really want to talk off it. He’s a ritual and a new ritual is coming. Knowing that, is he also gone?

He’s a bit of a contradiction. He’s a nice guy who curses regularly. He’s famous for talking, but really only in his circle. He verbally pushes teammates; he physically and verbally antagonizes opponents. He quietly brushes by fans.

He’s “Da Kid” and he’s done it for 20-plus years. He has earned league-wide respect. And when he talks about it all, he doesn’t talk about himself.

If you’re a fan waiting pre- or post-game, you see a different guy than on TV. You see the contradiction. He’s a quiet guy who looks down as he goes by. He’s his own man walking quietly by in a black suit covering a simple black t-shirt. That’s “The Franchise?”

Is he shy? You might think so. But it’s really more about being private. So he’s an all-star sports star who wants his business personal.

We all remember his public moments. I was there when he jumped on the table to celebrate a game 7 victory. It was a public display of a private man. I was watching when he was speechless, then preaching.

Now, I still watch him. I still ponder the contradiction of KG. And I watch him quietly walk into the locker room wondering if he will return.


Special KG Moments:


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