Time Expiring…The All-Star Shoots…And Misses

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It’s Staples arena. Time is expiring. The All-Star Has the Ball. He Shoots…And Misses

Five four three two miss
Horn sounds. Fans cheer. Overtime!
Dwyane Wade doesn’t win.

No, Kobe didn’t have the ball. He didn’t get a chance. While Kobe sat out with shoulder soreness, Dwyane Wade did not. Wade said publicly that if Kobe’s in, I’m in! Well, Kobe started, but his shoulder finished him off. Wade played on.

And Wade played well! He scored 26 points and collected 10 rebounds. But he was undone by 17 turnovers (thx Despite 17 turnovers (and I believe I heard 30 point by LA off those turnovers), the Heat still had a chance to win.

The game is tied. All-Star and future Hall of Famer Wade has the ball. The clock is ticking. Wade measures the time. He rises and strokes a shot. He misses. Overtime!

The OT was classic. After misses by each team, the man in the news – D’Angelo Russell makes a deep three bringing the fans to their feet cheering. Lakers score first in OT. Miami responds and later takes the lead. All Kobe can do is watch…and cheer.

Back and forth, then forth and back. The game ends up tied again. Then, the pretty-much-rookie Julius Randle spins and scores to take the lead. The youngster gives the Lakers the lead.

Again, a veteran has the ball. Joe Johnson, another All-Star, gets the inbounds pass and is behind the three-point line. He takes the deep three for the win…and misses. It’s the future’s night. Lakers win.

Kobe watches and cheers. Wade has to say goodbye to Kobe and walk away with a loss. A loss that hurts the Heat’s playoff seeding. (It’s tight in the East!)

Meanwhile time is expiring….. (Thx to NBA TV for broadcasting this game! I love it!)


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