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London Home Game


Well, this Sunday before many are awake the Rams will kick off versus the New York Giants. This is LA’s “home” game in London.

Home away from home
Opportunity to grow
Now it’s time to shine

The Rams have been bad #HomeOpener and good #CardinalsVictory. Their record of 3-3 could be good and bad news depending on your expectations. Most of the Rams’ opponents have also have mixed seasons with good and bad losses. It’s really hard to know what the Rams are capable of doing this season. Can they contend for a wild card?

But all that is moot in London. The point of the NFL playing in Europe is to grow the game. If the bad Rams show up, it won’t help in London or at ‘home’ in LA.

The NFL hasn’t given their best games to the world. The best matchup is saved for late Sunday or Sunday night. I’ve wondered about that. Why give the world a mediocre matchup. Should “meh” be what Europe says? Seriously Rams vs Giants? Who’s excited?

Back “home” it’s not great either. The game kicks off at 6:30 AM local time. By brunch, the game is most likely over. Will fans miss anything?

If the good Rams show up, London gets the show they deserve. These fans are paying good money to the see the NFL and I hope they get it.

Time to shine, Rams!