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New Era? Maybe Makeover

New era? Maybe

Really mirror makeover!

Flip it and neon

When the Minnesota Timberwolves announced a new era, a new look. It had a hashtag of #NewEraNewLook and a design company with intriguing name – Rare Design.

The question was how new was new going to be? I’m not so sure new and rare are words I’d use to describe a new look.

When the Minnesota Timberwolves purchased the Iowa Energy, it wasn’t long before they, too, would get a new name & logo.

New? True! New name…kinda. The timber is gone down south, but the North Star remains. The new G-League team is the Iowa Wolves.

The logo is also Timberwolves-esque. If you know Old Shep, the original Minnesota Timberwolves logo, you’ll recognize the makeover version. Was this a rejected new logo design by the Target Center tenant?

I gotta wonder. The retro revival continues. Is this a new era? Maybe better called a makeover.