A Change for New…Wasted – Color

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There was a chance to
Make Fans Happy, But No Luck
Say No to Neon

The Timberwolves have a new logo, new minor league team, and lots of new opportunity. With so much promise, it makes me a little sad to see the chance go by.

Let’s talk color.

For the logo, a new color was added and it’s neon green. Watch out, Seattle, Minnesota also wants neon green to compliment their blue. My take is it is chasing a trend. I don’t get it. The polls showed fans wanted retro and they sort of got it. Green is back, but it’s really back to the neon green future.

Before I say more, kudos to the Timberwolves for staying with blue and green over the years. At least the ‘Wolves have a color scheme. Think about the Milwaukee Bucks and their color wheel (image from Sporting News via Google search):

Yep, the Bucks went for purple, then red, and now cream. Quite the variety.

For the Wolves, I get building a new identity, based on the past. But in today’s sports world, what is your identity with throwback nights, Sunday-only alternate jerseys, and lately pinkouts for Mom, powder blue for men supporting prostrate cancer, and camo-night for the military?

In fact, this weekend, Major League Baseball went green, olive green. For Memorial Day, teams wore green hats had camo brims and the jerseys with muted olive green jerseys. I thought it was pretty cool, but clearly it’s also perceived as a monetary maneuver.


If other leagues follow suit, you, too, can support any cause they choose to get your Wolves swag. Yes, the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Iowa Wolves share a color scheme, but if you’re not into the neon green, just wait and buy your alternate jersey of choice. Don’t worry. It’ll happen.


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