A Change for New…Wasted – Name

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A chance to build a
Community, a Family
Instead, a Repeat

Oh man. I really thought the Minnesota Timberwolves could have some fun with buying a minor league (G-League) team when they bought the Iowa Energy. The Energy are familiar with change. They just changed their color scheme from purple and orange to light blue, dark, blue, and yellow when Memphis purchased the club last year.

So Des Moines, trade your yellow for neon green. Keep the blues while you “#BackThePack.”

Speaking of “Pack”, I was really hoping the Timberwolves wouldn’t duplicate their names with their minor league team. Other NBA teams have done it and I think it’s a wasted opportunity. Why double-up on the name? The Windy City Bulls? Lame. South Bay Lakers? Really? I’m sure someone will argue it’s marketing, but why not have names related, not duplicated? Have some fun!

So as the new name was about to be dropped, I really didn’t want the Iowa Timberwolves. I really hoped for the Iowa Pack or Iowa Wolfpack. It’s related, not duplicated.

The coolest part of the minor leagues of baseball is the fun names, the fun logos. Some teams have variant logos. The Cardinals are pretty good at that with the Redbirds. Great idea.

How fun is Albuquerque’s team? The Isotopes? Fun. The Albuquerque Rockies? Not-so-fun.

I heard someone joke about the Iowa Timberpups. At first, it might be funny, but I think over time it could gain traction. After all, Chicago has Bears and Cubs, right? I heard the Cubs grew up last year. Maybe Timberpups or just Pups could work.

But probably not. So Pack was my choice.

I’m a big fan of the WNBA. When the W was formed, the coolest thing about the NBA affiliation was the names and logos. Though Minnesota joined the W later, the Lynx are a perfect compliment to Timberwolves. Strong mascots and both Minnesota animals.

The other W nicknames were fun, too. Look at these sister/brother names: Charlotte Sting/Hornets, Houston Comets/Rockets, Phoenix Mercury/Suns, Sacramento Monarchs/Kings, and Utah Starzz/Jazz (yes, the cute ZZ might’ve been too much).

Three original teams strayed. For Cleveland and New York, the Cavaliers and Knickerbockers were tough to match so we got Rockers and Liberty. Both tributes to the cities they play in. Los Angeles brought us Sparks which makes as much sense as Lakers. At least the logos had good symmetry. (Logos from
LosAngelesBasketball-logosThe related names are fun. Timberwolves to Wolves doesn’t rank as fun for me. Sorry, Minnesota, you missed a chance.


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