Call Me Maybe?

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You have beef with me?
I have love and thankfulness
Here’s my number. Call!

What a character! When asked about the negativity coming up after leaving Chicago, Jimmy Butler put it all to rest in the best way possible.

With a smile and attitude that is refreshing, Jimmy made it simple. He said he has nothing but love for his Chicago team and nothing but love for Chicago the city. Coming from a small town in Texas in the greater Houston area (Tomball has a population of 10,753), Jimmy seemed humbled by what his hard work has made possible.

And he closed with a new moment in professional sports. He told everyone listening (and all those who will re-live it later) that he has his phone in his back pocket and if you want to talk to him, call him at 773 899…

I couldn’t believe it. What did he just do?

The answer is clear. He shined! Brilliant like his play on the court.

What do you make of his move? Like the Wolves & Bulls trade? It could work out for both teams over time. Do you agree?


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