Green Gone, Put the Jersey On!

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Yes, we added green!
You did? I missed it! What? Where?
It’s hidden on shorts.

(That’s my haiku. Now to explain it!)

The Minnesota Timberwolves, I mean Minnesota Wolves, confound me. There’s a HUGE announcement that neon green is in the mix! The Wolves are re-adding green to their palate! It’s the north star and eye in the logo. Now, let’s see how it shows on the jerseys!

Why the exclamation point? Well, this is the same organization that had green in the logo, but that same green was hard to find on jerseys. In fact try to find it on the old jerseys. Can you find a spot of green?

Yes, green was gone! You can’t even find it on the alternate logo. The trees stayed on the shorts and in the armpits, but the green was gone.

With two jerseys unveiled, the Wolves have started the NEW era with no green. The tease of THREADS being green makes it almost hilarious.

Here’s the NEW look:
(Images courtesy

It’s definitely a new look. What’s new is a the two-tones of blue. I like it! (Yes, I know it’s Memphis-like.) I would love some green trim or outline, but c’est la vie. #NikeNotWorriedAboutMe

I’m certain a green jersey is coming (two are left to unveil), but why no green appears yet is a mystery to me. Minnesota seems to have stolen the Mavericks’ color scheme (see the Dallas Mavericks NBA jersey store) and that’s not really “new.” The stripe is also not new. The stripe feels Washington Bullets inspired or soccer-like.

For now, the green is gone, but I’d bet it will shine brightly soon. Until then, I’ll remain hopeful a nice green addition is coming soon.

What’s your take?


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