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Jerry Jones – Hall of Fame the Hard Way

Buyer, Destroyer
He trades away the franchise
And wins; wins it all!

Jerry wrecked my world. He sacked the beloved Tom Landry. Then, he traded away a man who gained 2,000 yards with little support. Are you kidding me? I thought that he just handed Minnesota Herschel Walker and the Super Bowl.
(An as aside, I’ll add that Minnesota didn’t really use Herschel as I thought
they would. Oddly enough, it didn’t translate into a long playoff run.
To those who talk about how the trade equaled a Super Bowl for Dallas, look
at the guys drafted. That is NOT easy! Each draft pick is a gamble. I’m pretty sure no other team can equal that drafting excellence.)

The ‘Boys dropped 15 games (getting worse!) and the shining star of the year was a single win at Washington #WinTheRivalry. It looked like tanking before tanking ¬†was a ‘thing’ and it was bad. The winning Cowboys were gone.

Looking back, it’s clear it was time for a change, but I was floored while it happened. Jerry drilled a new hole. Once he & Coach Jimmy got it going, it was going well.

Jerry took risks off the field, too. I heard he was causing league trouble with sponsorships. He did his thing even though there were league-wide sponsors. He believed he could and should sell his team. He did!

I didn’t mind that at all. He was selling a team he bought. He put everything into the Cowboys and wanted to pursue everything in return. I enjoyed that.

After winning it all (and all again the next year), it was too much. The core imploded and Coach Johnson was gone. That was hard to take.

Let’s fast forward to now. Jerry Jones has learned and grown. And lately, it’s working. Dallas hasn’t won, but they are on the edge. Winning it all is not easy and no small accomplishment. Being close is amazing. I am happy he has – let’s say – calibrated into how he does it today.

Looking over it all, I have to say congratulations. Jerry, you’ve earned that gold jacket. Enjoy it!

PS If you don’t believe my assessment of Herschel Walker, check out 34’s stats at